Wednesday, February 10, 2010

this year...

The Rat

For those born in the Year of the Rat, year 2010 promises to be an average year for you, while you may suffer from melancholy from time to time, the positioning of the planets in 2010 will benefit the rats and they will most definitely be more self-confident, and be more innovative than before. Excellent news for the lonely rats, year 2010 promises a great love life for you. You will definitely find a lover within the year, and for the ones that are blissfully married, the year will be filled with romantic joy. Time to rejoice in the warmth of love, rats!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Not too late for new year resolution huh?

Kam Ling, Jia You! :

1. Korea trip by end of the year.
2. Bali trip with family.
3. Apply for WH at UK.
4. Approach a non-profit animal related shop/organization for voluntary work.
5. Change the habits that I need to change.
6. Monthly saving of XX amount.
7. Slim down - less 5kg
8. Vege weekly
9. Cook @ home at least twice a day.
10. Exercise weekly
11. For work, to achieve my target

Sunday, December 27, 2009



What's the meaning on going on a holiday when you still work in your heart, and physically by working on reports from home?

Worrying about work while you are shopping at a mall...

Thinking about me going on leave...meaning giving burden to the others....says someone

What's the purpose of the 14 days annual leave when your life is all about work...nothing but work!

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Shopaholic me is back again!

This time for services..

I just spent a thousand dollars on four different types of services and items.

I seriously need a savings plan....

My punishments:
1. No more cabs for the two months, until after Chinese new year!
2. No more credit card payment for the next two months. Until Chinese new year week.
3. No more super good and expensive meals - gotta spend only ten bucks per day on food!
4. I hve got to find a freelance job! To support my current spending power, I will need an extra 500 bucks!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I like animals...

Since young, I'm a Enid Blyton's book fan.

I read about the naughtiest girl in school....about how the schools own their own mini zoo....

and since then, I want to start such mini zoos in Asian countries and that's when I started the NTU Animal Lovers' Society.

I was thinking big...

Long term plan to really own a mini zoo in NTU. Something like the Animal Resort concept. Open to the public. Making NTU one of the tourist attraction in Singapore.Bringing joy to little kids. Being an Animal shelter for the unwanted darlings... Not easy to sustain? Of course lots of sponsorships will be needed. We will also need to run a little business. Allowing people to adopt pets from the shelter.

Short term plans: Definitely voluntary works to work in different farms, pet clinics, animal shelters on a weekly basis. That's where one can get experiences to take care of the animals!

And now...I've graduated. I can't do any of the above anymore. I still want to do something related to animals. Know what? I want to be an animal animal show presenter. I want to give my love to the pets n animals that I've always longing for a connection with them.

I have no idea how this will work. Part time? Full Time? Freelance or Voluntary basis...I dunno. What I do know is that I need pets/animals in my life....

There's a grooming centre near my place...and I've always wanted to walk in and volunteer myself as their "receptionist". But where's my guts. I've got to walk in one day....

I do miss Looney. my previous doggie, currently with Jasmine. Wonder how is she doing now.....

Saturday, December 5, 2009

another 2 aims down...

I bought a Full HD JVC Video Cam at last...

My initial budget was only at 500 bucks but later decided i should invest on a good Full HD Cam.....there, at last I own a Full HD Cam...

Now I can continue editing....I'll bring my cam along with me every important outings....trips....occasions...and I'll have my own collection of nicely edited videos for everyone's viewing pleasure...

Be sure to be proud to have me attend your event!

Next! At last I bought plane tickets to Bali with my friends! Another one down!

Tat's gonna be in June......

Now that I have a few wish lists down, here's a new one, which some are "money can't buy everything"

1. Bali trip with family
2. Working Holiday @ UK
3. I want to slim down to 53kg...(Jiayou!)
4. Own a customized gifts business
5. Work with animals....voluntary or paid.
6. Korea trip
7. Scuba dive!
8. Bring daddy n mummy to Universal Studios
9. Own a puppy

that's all folks! I've got to clear a wish every half a year. Wish me luck guys!

Kam Ling

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wanna do

I have nine items in my "wanna do" list..... Please refer to the money matters blog entry...

One down now....

I signed up for the facial package whch costs xxx amount for 8 times facial....pretty expensive but with dermalogical I signed up still....I wanna be pretty....

And now I have added one new item into the replacement of this facial item....

I wanna go holiday in Korea! November or December....

Jia you...

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